Firefox extension that lets you browse the Internet without compromising your online privacy

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anonymoX 2.0.2

AnonymoX is a plugin for Firefox users that allows under the radar internet browsing. For people who care about their internet privacy and want to go unnoticed, AnonymoX is a great tool to use. Privacy can be very hard to come by online these days and AnonymoX gives its users peace of mind no matter where they are browsing.

This plugin is easy to download and even easier to use. It is completely free and is a small download size. AnonymoX runs quite quickly and efficiently which is great for those who need anonymity for the real world.

When logging into a website, AnonymoX presents users with a list of different countries with different IP addresses to choose from. After leaving the website it gives users the ability to clean out their browser, change IP addresses, and essentially become a different user. This is helpful for those who are worried about security and want to stay on top of internet tracking.

AnonymoX currently runs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Apple operating systems. Obviously, users must have the Firefox internet browser before downloading the AnonymoX plugin. It is currently only offered in English.

With the exception of choosing a random IP address from a list of countries and clearing browser cookies, AnonymoX is not the most robust option for anonymous internet browsing. There are not many customizable additions to the plugin. Some users have complained that when they choose an IP address from a country that is outside the USA they have experienced a slower connection. While this is to be expected, it can be very frustrating, especially for a heavy user of the plugin.

Overall, if users are worried about internet security AnonymoX is a great choice for them. It doesn't take a lot of computer knowledge to be able to use AnonymoX and it is completely free, making it a perfect choice for someone new to the internet proxy and VPN world.


  • Completely free
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't slow down the internet when using servers from the USA
  • Provides great security


  • Not very robust for experienced users
  • Using foreign accounts may slow down broswer

If you want to maximize your privacy online and keep others from observing your browsing habits, you should definitely check out AnonymoX. This add-on works with Firefox to allow for browsing that's fast and anonymous. The AnonymoX add-on regularly receives praise as a great tool that can ensure online privacy. When you enable the AnonymoX add-on, you will be able to choose a random IP address, and cookies on your browser will be deleted. Also, your public IP address will be deleted from view.

Although similar programs that hide an IP address are difficult to set up and sometimes make down browsing slower, this is not the case with AnonymoX, which is simple to find and easy to implement. When the add-on is downloaded for Firefox, a random "identity" will be automatically enabled. The user can specify his or her general location in the AnonymoX icon and indicate whether the IP that is enabled should be a US, Asian, or European IP.

AnonymoX enhances secrecy by providing a random IP address and also warns users when their browsers pick up cookies that should be deleted. Although AnonymoX can be very useful to those interested in more online privacy, there are some drawbacks to using the add-on. One of the most common complaints regarding AnonymoX is that the add-on lacks flexibility and does not offer a great deal of options when it comes to interface configuration. However, the simplicity of the add-on makes up for this lack of flexibility in some ways. While the add-on works quickly in general, there are certain locales where users might notice slower browsing when using the AnonymoX add-on.


  • User-friendly
  • Option to choose between different geographical areas
  • Runs very quickly


  • Limited flexibility

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